About The Israel National Trail

Starting at Kibbutz Dan, Israel’s most northern point, and ending at Eilat’s coastline, the beautiful red sea, Israel’s most southern point, the 1,014 km Israel National Trail (INT) covers all of Israel’s beauty. 

The trail passes through the Galilee, the Carmel mountain range, the Mediterranean coastline, the Judean hills around Jerusalem and the mighty Negev desert. It passes the Kibbutzim in the countryside and the big cities in the center of the state, Arab villages and jewish villages, green hills with affluent streams and the desolated desert. 

Israel national trail map

The trail’s path

The journey along the trail ensures a full and sincere exposure to all of Israel’s layers – The scenic nature, the long-standing history of the land, the lovely people and the diverse culture. 

The Israel National Trail Experience is intended for everyone, in any age or group size, who is willing to explore one of the unique and interesting places of the world. 

**It’s important to note that the trail does not pass in the politically controversial parts of the land. (such as the Golan Heights or the West Bank)

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