Shivta national park

Walking through 5,000 years of History

The land of Israel has one of the richest histories in the world.

Connecting 3 continents- Africa, Asia and Europe, the land of Israel has always been a desirable piece of land. Since the biblical era ancient tribes and empires fought for the control over these lands: The Nabataean people, the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the Persians, The Babylonians, the Romans and more.

By being the sacred land for all three main religions, during medieval times the land of Israel was conquered continuously by the european crusaders and the muslims alternatively, being the main fight of these days.

At modern times the land of Israel didn’t stop changing hands being under the control of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, the Ottoman Empire and the British conquest in 1917.

Being held by so many empires and different cultures the land of Israel became an archaeological heaven. Ancient forts, ancient city ruins and archeological findings are spread all around.

By hiking the Israel National Trail you will pass through these findings and will be able to taste a bit of this rich history.

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