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  • Hiking day on the Israel National Trail hiking ancientagriculture springshellip
  • The trail was amazing today  success israelnationaltrail hiking naturehellip
  • Drzewo na pustyni Negev Izraelski Szlak Narodowy  Lonely treehellip
  • The view was worth it
  • Timna   shvilisrael fragmentsofnature Landscapestories landscape desertlandscape israelnationaltrail travel
  • Desert agriculture in southern Israel along the IsraelNationalTrail Desert agriculturehellip
  • Przejcie pustyni Negev Izraelski Szlak Narodowy  Crossing the Negevhellip
  • Couple more days here on Sardinia and its time tohellip
  • selfie israel nahalamud israelnationaltrail israelbest
  • At Israel national trail part 1 from dan to telchaihellip
  • hey guys do you think we can all squeeze here?hellip
  • Early morning over the Hula Valley Israel a part ofhellip
  • storm netania israel nationalpark naturereserve dune poleg israelbest israelnationaltrail
  • Somewhere between the start of the trail and the endhellip
  • Kanion Shaharut poudniowa pustynia Negev Izraelski Szlak Narodowy  Nahalhellip
  • Camels the biggest animals youll find along the IsraelNationalTrail nothellip

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