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  • morning sunrise sun clouds israelnationaltrail shvilisrael israel trail hiking thruhiking
  • turtle zelva wildlife animal israelnationaltrail shvilisrael grass villageisrael trailhikingthruhiking longdistancewalkview
  • Following the same sign for one month! israelnationaltrail shvilisrael israel
  • Capernaum  We took the day off to visit the
  • Vl mk  redpoppy poppyflower papaverrhoeas flower israelnationaltrail shvilisrael spring
  • Another lovely morning on the trail  israelnationaltrailshvilisraelgrassvillageisraeltrailhikingthruhikinglongdistancewalkviewlandscapenatureigersadventuremountainshikersexplorertravelsnecinatrekucestovanimountainsnatureloverscloudshorskyholkywomenwhohikeblueskycloudsfields fotest sunrise
  • nofiltertelaviv sea walking walkaboutlove israeldaily trekking worldwide israelnationaltrail lametayel From
  • israelnationaltrail shvilisraeldesert negevdesert israel trailhikingthruhiking longdistancewalk viewlandscapenature igers adventuremountainshikers explorer
  • Finally the grass! Just few kilometers from Arad israelnationaltrail shvilisraelgrass
  • Yatir forest israelnationaltrail shvilisraelgrass villageisrael trailhikingthruhiking longdistancewalkview landscapenature igersadventuremountainshikers explorer
  • israelnationaltrail shvilisrael green israel trail hiking thruhiking longdistancewalk view landscapenature
  • israelnationaltrail shvilisrael grass village israel trail hiking thruhiking longdistancewalk view

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