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  • We went through the tunnel in the mountain IsraelNationalTrail eilathellip
  •  israelnationaltrail
  • La trail qui traverse lIsral passe  ct de notrehellip
  • SECTION 24 Tel Keshet to Kibbutz Dvir STATS 544 kmhellip
  • SECTION 27 Amasa to Arad STATS 607 km into thehellip
  • SECTION 23 Beit Guvrin to Tel Keshet STATS 519 kmhellip
  • SECTION 25 Kibbutz Dvir to Sansana STATS 561 km intohellip
  • This picture was taken 1 year ago today! I washellip
  • israelnationaltrail         hellip
  • israelnationaltrail
  • The road to Baram May 2017  nature baram photographyhellip
  • SECTION 26 Sansana to Amasa STATS 584 km into thehellip
  • We made it to Eilat! Finished the Israel National Trailhellip
  • Good week pink israelnationaltrail newcamera
  • raj na ziemi timnaparkeilatisraelnationaltrail
  • My shortmovie Negev  Unterwegs wie Wasser  Wste ishellip

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