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  • So Ive finally reached Tel Aviv Staying at the Abrahams
  • Rooftop gorgeousness israelnationaltrail int thruhike thruhiker thruhiking hiking hikingadventures hike
  • The annoying part of hiking in and out of the
  • saterdaytrip yamaha tenere xtz desert zeppelin israelnationaltrail hiking adventure wind
  • desert negev negevdesert pustynia shaharut israelnationaltrail israel israelbest izrael sky
  • Little cutie from a few days ago israelnationaltrail int thruhike
  • israelnationaltrail  deuter columbia thenorthface
  • Emek HaEla israel igersisrael israelnationaltrail bible davidandgoliath elahvalley nature hiking
  • Three years ago israelnationaltrail
  • The flat part of the desert hiking israel israelnationaltrail
  • Hiking in the desert never again! The hardest day on
  •   ?   yairpeleg israelnationaltrail israel desert lovethisview

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