Section 1: From Dan to Tel Hai


Start point: Kibbutz Dan (Beit Osishkin)
Finish Point: Tel Hai
Section Length: 12 Km
Sleeping: Camping near Tel Hai College, Youth Hostel is located on the east side of road 90 (T. 1599-510-511).
Water: In this sections you should carry 4L of water. Water sources are only at the start and finish points and Snir national park.
Supply point: Kibbutz dan and Kfar Giladi

Worth a visit:

  • Beit Osishkin (stuffed animals collection)
  • Hasbani river nature reserve (a place  to swim and stop in the shade)
  • Ein Ro'im (shadow, water for wash- not drinking).
  • Israel National Trail doesn't pass through Tel Dan reserve nature, but it pass through Hasbani river reserve nature, which costs 19 NIS enterance fee. 
  • Tal forest (Hurshat Tal) Next to Kibbutz Dafna is a good place to visit (with payment).
  • In Ma'ayan Baruch there is  prehistoric man museum.
  • In Tel Hai there is a photography museum.



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