Section 22: From Tzuba to Eziyona Junc.


Start point: Tzuba
Finish Point: Eziyona Junc.
Section Length: 27 Km
Sleeping: Camping near Eziyona junc. , Netiv HaLamed-Hey
WaterIn this sections you should carry 5L of water. Water sources are at the start and finish points and Sataf, Even Sapir and Bar Giora (off the trail)
Supply point: Tzuba, Even Sapir, Aminadav, Mata, Tzur Hadasa, Netiv HaLamed-Hey

*This is the closest point of the Israel National Trail to Jerusalem. It's a good opportunity to spend some time in the city, where you can find all you need (Shopping, restaurants, nightlife, old city etc.) Access point is near Even Sapir. Hostel in Jerusalem - Abraham Hostel.

Worth a visit:

  • City of Jerusalem
  • Sataf (ancient settlements and pools)
  • Kenedy Memorial
  • Ein Mata (spring)
  • Hirbat Hanot (ancient ruins)
  • Caesar's road (old Roman road)



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