Section 28: From Amasa to Arad


Start point: Amasa
Finish Point: Arad
Section Length: 22 Km
Sleeping: Camping outside of Arad, Youth hostel Arad (Tel. 08-9957150, Yehelim Inn (Tel. 077-2028120), Desert khan (Tel. 08-9959856)
WaterIn this sections you should carry 5L of water. Water sources are at the start and finish points and Tel Arad, Arad Park.
Supply point: Drejat, Arad. In Arad you should buy supplies for the next 6 days.

*It is recommended to stop in Arad for a day or two, this is the last big city before entering the desert. In Arad you will find restaurants, pubs, shopping etc. (town of Arad's website)

*Arad is the closest point on the Israel National Trail to the dead sea and Masada. If you would like to visit these places, Arad is the opportunity.

Worth a visit:

  • Tel Arad
  • Arad's glass museum
  • Arad's art quarter
  • The dead sea
  • Masada



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