You nearly can’t stop

When I heard about the possibility to walk through Israel from North to south
(or opposite) I immediately knew, this is what I want to do.
I found a Forum, where I started to ask and collect informations and I even found
2 new israeli friends to go hiking with.10300171_414240115382822_2371669213211404727_n
Because I love the Nation of Israel I had the idea to walk right through and feel it
and bless it with every single step.
So I planned to come for 3 1/2 weeks in October 2009.
I wanted to start around the Ramon Crater and hike downwards to Eilat.
Even if I couldn’t reach my goal then and only make it partly…it has been the outmost
impressive experience ever for me.
I’ve seen landscapes of rare beauty. I’ve tasted the most peaceful silence you can imagine.
I’ve met overwhelming helpful (israeli) People (the CarryBoys from Haifa, an Off road gang
of daddies and their sons, who rescued me).
But, I think there’s a big risk:
Once you’ve started, you quickly get addicted and you nearly can’t stop, as long
as you haven’t finished this outstanding, challenging, most interesting hike!

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