When we reached the sea

After nearly 300 miles of vivid green and blooming flowers that never change all year round, mountains and the views that shame hundreds if not thousands of countries, and the most amazing experience that comes with the Israel National Trail, we reached the sea.

After the hills of Osafia the coastal line starts to emerge. Fighting of the tiredness the difficult clime brings, always hoping that the view will be rewarding. At the top, I was disappointed to discover that we still have a days walk ahead of us until we saw the sea. Just like waiting for a loved one, I waited two and a half weeks for this moment. I was excited for the day that awaits us.

In the morning after a few hours of hiking, at the peak of a mountain our goal was revealed to us in all its glory. No words or pictures can describe that moment, and you know in your heart that it will never come again. You understand that all you can do is live in the moment, grabbing it before it slips away.

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