The A list

The A list All those adventurers who have experienced the amazing Israel National Trail

Did you hike the INT? Have you already booked your ticket and about to do so?


Join the A list, and help us build a hikers’ database and improve our services:


21 Hikers Listed , showing 10 per page
First NameLast NameCountryHike date
Barnypok DNGpByHxpqJ USA 10121985
Ralph Burchardt Germany Februar 2017
Klaus Dümmer Deutschland February 2017
Aron Kamphausen germany February 2016
Mark FdTpYOevNSMq USA 10121985
Alex Kahky UK March 2016
darel NbPtPlusJzNXZ USA 10121985
rodjer GxybszICokbv USA 10121985
Rop Oudkerk The Netherlands 18th of febr. 2015
Benjamin Melton USA 2015
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