The land of Israel is one of the richest regions in the world(!) in terms of wildlife species per land unit.

Wildlife in Israel is extremely diverse due to the country’s location between the temperate and the tropical zones, bordering the Mediterranean sea in the west and the desert in the east.  We can roughly divide the trail into 3 areas of wildlife:

The North

The Green and flush northern part of Israel, spreading from the Golan hights and the Upper Galilee to the valley of Bet She’an, contains many species of mammels, birds and reptiles. Among the most notable ones we can find wild boars, the majestic Gray Wolf, Gazelles and Foxes. More over, numerous kinds of birds including Peregrine FalconSparrowhawkGriffon Vulture and Israel’s national bird the Hoopoe.


The Central & Coast

This area includes the central part of Israel, the coastal lowlands up to the mountains of Jerusalem. This sector is abundant with forests and small water sources. Here we can spot the Eurasian BadgerGolden JackalIndian crested porcupine. More over there are few species of turtles and snakes among them the awesome Vipera palaestinae. The area contains many kinds of birds as well. For example, the colorful Rose ringed parakeet and the Common kingfisher.


The South & Desert

This vast and scenic part of Israel consists of the areas of the Negev desert, the Dead sea and south to the opening of Eilat gulf, the gate to the Red sea. In this part the wildlife excels in overcoming the challenges made by the harsh environment. Among the champions of the desert we can find the Camel called also “The desert ship”, the magical Striped hyena, the agile Nubian ibex and the elusive Dorcas gazelle. The sands are dominated by reptiles such as the Persian horned viper and the Israeli yellow scorpion, while the skies are ruled by the long-legged buzzard and the Short-toed snake eagle.


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