One for all

There are many ways to divide the population. The most basic one is the distribution to two groups – and the only sensible relationship between those two groups, is of total war of course. Cat lovers VS dog lovers, men Vs women, city VS country -you get the picture. Obviously, in most cases, there is also a large and significant group in the middle– but we will leave it for now.

One of the most fatal struggles in Israel, is between the desert people and the forest people, and one of the benefits of the Israel National Trail is that it fits us all.

"'s like eating an ice cream sandwich..."

“…it’s like eating an ice cream sandwich…”

If you like sandy views, looking over the horizon and being amazed, sitting on the end of a cliff (carefully of course) and feeling on the top of the world –you should start the hike in the SOUTH, on the Israeli spring (March – April). If green is your color, you like cooling off in streams, meaning springs are you’re thing, and meeting gazelles and cows in the middle of the road make you smile – you should come now(!), in the Israeli autumn (September – October), and start the INT in the NORTH. The northern part (between Kibbutz Dan and Tel Aviv) is recommended to beginners, hikers who are a lack experience of this sort. As you begin to head south, the stronger you’ll get, and even the wilderness of the south will be green(er) for your arrival.

Hiking in the INT is like eating an ice cream sandwich. Some like to start with the chocolate and others with the vanilla (and to those of you who will never be able to agree on the absolute truth) – depends what you like best, or how strong you are. Either way – you’ll eat everything, and enjoy every lick.

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