As a website that was built for you, hikers around the world, we want to give you all the help we can, as well as the stage to help others yourselves and share your experience with them.

Therefore we give you some tools so you can get involved and contribute to fellow hikers. Among these tools you can find:

  • Share your stories, a place where you can share with us your personal experience of hiking the INT.
  • Forums where you can ask questions and get some more missing information as well as answering other’s questions.
  • Galleries, where you can see pictures and videos of the trail’s views and even share your photos and videos so others will get a taste of the adventure.
  • Most important Hebrew words dictionary, so you can easily manage yourselves among these “alien language” speakers locals.


In Hinduism, Right Knowledge is a form of God, and anything that Knowledge is written on or recorded on is considered sacred, to be protected from obscurity:

अपूर्व: कोपि कोशोयं विद्यते तव भारति । व्ययतो वॄद्धिम् आयाति क्षयम् आयाति संचयात् ॥ Translation: Oh Goddess Saraswati, your treasure of knowledge (Vidya) is indeed very amazing! If used (shared) it grows and if unused (obscured) it shrinks!


Then What are you waiting for?! Share your knowladge!

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